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It’s Time for a Different Approach to Physical Therapy.

You deserve healthcare options that are convenient, affordable, and customized for your individual needs. We believe physical therapy can be more about improving your whole life than just healing an individual injury. We know life is busy, so we bring physical therapy services to you at your gym or workplace to make it more convenient for you to take excellent care of yourself.

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All Physical Therapy should begin with a thorough evaluation. With NoCo PT, you will get one-on-one time to describe your unique situation and what you are hoping to achieve with therapy. We will perform specific testing to gather information about your condition, and then work together to make a plan to reduce pain and dysfunction and get you back to a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Manual Therapy

We believe manual therapy is essential to improving soft tissue and joint dysfunction. Therapists are experts in performing joint and soft tissue mobilization and manual stretching to reduce chronic muscle strain, breaking up fibrous areas of muscles, increasing circulation to injured areas, and improving mobility of joint capsules. These techniques aid in reducing chronic soft tissue stress and pain.

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Vestibular Therapy

Have you or someone you know ever experienced vertigo? If so you know it can be debilitating and result in difficulty with or inability to perform normal daily functions like driving, working, and self-care. Vestibular PT’s can effectively treat most types of vertigo. NoCo PT has a vestibular therapist with 10+ years experience in all types of vertigo (BPPV, cervicogenic, UVL, BVL).

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Exercise Prescription

Exercise is an important component of good physical health and is always incorporated into your physical therapy treatment with NoCo PT. We do not believe that exercise is a temporary fix for pain relief, but that it is an essential, long term investment. Each client will have an individualized, targeted exercise program for their condition to maximize therapy outcomes and general health results.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is the therapeutic use of monofilament needles inserted into targeted areas of muscle to improve local circulation, reduce muscle tension, and restore normal muscle length and tone. When performed by a certified and experienced PT, needling is safe, comfortable, and effective. At NoCo PT, we can also add electrical stimulation to the needles, which adds therapeutic effect.

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Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation of an athlete back to optimum levels of sports specific fitness. At NoCo PT, we have specialized training in volleyball and baseball, specifically screening and rehabilitation for throwing and hitting mechanics, but our experience also includes golf, tennis, running, cycling, and outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

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